I have enjoyed the music of Raised Fist ever since I heard the song “Stronger than ever” the first time.
There is something in the energy of this band that appeals. Delivery of pure aggression, message and pure sod off attitude repeats with every release.

In a way, I do not know where to go from here with reviewing this album. Trying to get a feel for it, I am somewhat lost.
I like it. But I am still puzzled and confused about what to write about it. Biting into this album is like having all your senses activated at once but not. If that makes sense.

Points for the quality and influences from other genres on this album. Also points for the undying wish I must jump up and down where I stand. Going into quality, these songs are well worked over. Introductions, verses, choruses, bridges; it´s all thought through and delivered well packaged. I am especially excited about the finishing track “Unsinkable II”. A slower song to start with, but speeds up going into the verse. When the chorus hits you, the song just explodes. A Raised Fist Power Ballad. Probably not something I have to write anytime soon.

I do not see the influences from other softer music as a negative, this band is still Hardcore. Energy levels and the full fist in your face you get with each song makes sure of that. “Anthems” & “Murder” are perfect examples of this.
So, to summarize: Starting of quite confused about the softer approach, hearing the songs a few times, bobbing my head to all the songs in an approving fashion and I conclude that Raised Fist are Raised Fist. And I like this album as much as I liked “Stronger than Ever”. Keep up the good work and please continue to surprise me.

Band: Raised Fist
Title: Anthems
Label: Epitaph Records
Date of release: 2019-11-15
Rate: 8/10
Stand out track: Unsinkable II