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Seven albums down the line and ten years since the last album was released you either have a strong enough following as a band that you are welcomed back with open arms, or you may have to face the fact that you have been completely forgotten. I don’t think that the world could ever forget this german  metalmachine even if it took thirty years between the albums so when Rammstein returns after ten years it is with style, power and grace and not necessarily in that order.

First track “Deutschland” couldn´t fit better as an albumopener. I can imagine this song opening their liveshows, thousands of fans screaming all as one during the chorus. A powerful song with great dynamics throughout.

The industrialsounding guitars on previous albums has been turned more towards heavy rock than metal and on Rammsteins heavy riffs it sounds pretty cool. A more mature sound If you will.

This album has a little bit of everything and even though most of it consists of the trademark Rammstein riffing and military marchbeats you have a lot of rock and melody between the layers of heavy metallic guitars. They even managed to squeeze in a ballad consisting only of strings and a soft acoustic guitar. Vocalist Till Lindemann brings a lot of melody to this album compared to some of the older ones and I believe that is a good thing. However don´t get the impression that this album is in any way softer due to the more melodic songs. If you are worried then crank up the song “Puppe” and you should be calmer by the end of it.

The brand new selftitled album by Rammstein shouldn’t dissapoint even the most hardcore Rammsteinfan and I think I dare say that they will pick up a lot of new fans with this album.

Band: Rammstein


Label: Universal music

Date of release: 2019-05-17

Rate: 7/10

Stand out track: Deutschland

Tobias Engdahl

Tobias Engdahl


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