Rammstein – Ullevi 29/7 2022


I’ve always known you shouldn’t miss a chance to see Rammstein. Yes, I’ve done that very thing for years. I guess that since they’ve never really been one of my absolute favourite bands and the expensive tickets sell out fast, it has just never happened. Still, I have always been a little mad at myself for missing out. Why it finally happened this time was almost just a coincidence, since my brother ended up with an extra ticket the same week as the show was about to go down. So before I knew it, I was on the train to Gothenburg!

After a couple of drinks in good company, we catched the streetcar to Ullevi, armed with a couple of fairly hidden beer cans in my back pocket. The expectations for the show was high. This was my first arena concert since before the pandemic, so you can imagine the powerful feeling of walking into Ullevi on a warm summer night and face the crowd of 60.000 people.

I started to think about how lazy I’d become. In my younger days I would have been into the arena hours before the concert, taking a good seat and standing through the opening acts as the crowd thickened around me. Now, we skipped the opening act and waltzed in just about as the band stepped on stage. Of course, we got seperated instantly, and I was forced to perform the ever so frustrated act of texting messages back and forth to get a hold of my company as the concert was unfolding in front of me. Fortunally, it didn’t take us that long to meet up, and from there on we could just lean back and enjoy the show.

Due to our laziness, we ended up way back in the crowd, so it was pretty hard to see what was going on. You could forget about trying to spot the band members instantly, and the big screen was used moderately. So it was more up to the scenery and light show to deliver the goods. But damn, did they deliver!

The stage was a monument, rising up darkly in front of Gothenburgs beautiful sundown sky. It looked like a big fucking industry of evil spitting out smoke and fire that rose even further like a pillar across the sky. It was a breathtaking sight! And fortunally, it was no difficulties in hearing the band. The sound was massive and powerful as it echoed across the arena. It felt big and powerful. And steady. You could easily stomp along and raise hell to every single song, no matter where you looked. Even a shitty song like Pussy worked!

As the night went along, it got easier and easier to get a good glimpse of the show. The crowd loosened, the sight cleared up, and we walked closer and ended up at a pretty good spot where we could see the show really quite good. We now got a glimpse at some of the bands classic gimmicks, like the watering dildos, the flamethrowers, the lifeboat across the ocean of crowd, and so forth. That was all great, but still, the light show and pyrotechnics just stole the entire show. It didn’t matter where in the arena you stood, the flames scorched everybody. Even the sound towers were endorsed in flames! When they played Sonne, it felt like all of Ullevi was on fire, and when the fire turned into smoke enlit by the spotlights, we were in heaven.

All these years, I’ve just known that the very day I get to see Rammstein, I’m gonna think it’s a great show. That feeling was confirmed instantly. Further on through the night, it was more than confirmed. Towards the second half of the show, when we had gotten closer to the stage, the goosebumps kicked in. What a damn show! Armed to the teeth with professionality. A show making in the nature of Kiss and Roger Waters. Planned to the last detail. In these shows there is no audience contact, Rammstein are machines on stage, working for the great industry that is their stage. And that’s just the way it should be.

When the last song echoed out in a towering inferno that set I don’t know how many eyebrowes on fire, a quite reduced company left Ullevi staduim. We all agreed. It had been good. Damn good. Just as good as I had always thought and known. So if you out there get a chance to see Rammstein, just do it. You don’t have to love the bands music, but as long as you don’t absolutely hate the band, I am convinced you’re gonna enjoy seeing it live. Just as damn good as every one has always promised me. Hallelujah!


Rammstein – Ullevi 29/7 2022

September 19, 2022

Towards the second half of the show, when we had gotten closer to the stage, the goosebumps kicked in. What a damn show! Armed to the teeth with professionality.

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