Reece – Resilent Heart


David Reece is most known as being the singer of Accept on the album “Eat the heat” (1989). Even though the album was not a big success I always thought he is a damn good singer even if he wasn’t the right choice for Accept.

After two songs “Any Time At All” and “Wicked Blues” I am actually quite surprised, this is traditionell hard rock but heavier than I expected.  Traditionell does easily mean boring but these are really good songs with good choruses.

Unfortunately the rest of the album is not that good, most of the songs are more bluesy in late 1980s style that does not hit me. This type of music has been done so many times much better by other bands.

There are some exceptions though:

“Two Coins” might not be that original but I like the chorus on this one.
“Perfect Apocalypse” is a speeedier song with a nice flow and great melodies. This is the best song on the album, a great tune!
“Live Before You Die” is another faster track on the end of the album which I really like.

David Reece which is also a really nice guy still got it, he has a really good glam-metal voice. I’m glad that some songs in the end of the album saves it

Artist: Reece
Title: Resilent Heart
Label: Mighty Music
Date of release: 9th of November 2018
Rating: 6/10
Stand out track: Perfect Apocalypse

Jonny Friberg

Jonny Friberg


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