Revolution Saints – Rise


Jack Blades have done amazing things with Night Ranger and Deen Castronovo is one of the best drummers in the world of melodic rock. Take those two guys and put them together with Doug Aldrich some pretty awesome music is put on record. They call themselves Revolution Saints and it’s now time for the third album from this trio, which is good, sometimes really good. The title is “Rise” and I can assure you, despite it’s only January, that this is definitely one of the best melodic rock album that we will hear in 2020.

The problem often for me when I hear music in the genres AOR, melodic rock and so on it’s that much music sounds the same and this new effort from Revolution Saints isn’t really an exception but when it comes to the songs you can hear almost immediately that Jack Blades is involved. His contribution in Night Ranger is hard to ignore and on this new album with Revolution Saints he got some help from Doug Aldrich, Allesandro Del Vecchio and Dan Rossall from the new UK based band Passion. The album is getting a flying start with “When The Heartache Is Gone”, “Price We Pay”, “Rise” and “Coming Home”. Four tracks into this record you are in AOR-heaven but the peak so far is reached and for a couple of tracks the band come up with the music that sounds like other artists that Frontiers Records released over the years.

When we come to the 9th song “Million Miles” they are back on track again and they tie the bag together with the ballad “Eyes Of A Child” which is written by Jack and his old partner from Damn Yankees, Tommy Shaw. It’s not often I have the last song on an album as a stand out track but this time there is no question about it, “Eyes Of A Child” is a real beauty and it grows on me. Do you like Night Ranger, Hardline, Journey and Whitesnake this is a must for you. Great start for the melodic rock year 2020.

Artist: Revolution Saints
Title: Rise
Label: Frontiers Records
Date of release: 24/1-20
Playing time: 47,28
Rating: 7/10
Stand out track: Eyes Of A Child

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Revolution Saints – Rise

January 23, 2020

They call themselves Revolution Saints and it's now time for the third album from this trio, which is good, sometimes really good.

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