Sweden is a place where we have lots of forest, lots of seas, lots of wonderful people and lots of hard rock and hevay metal bands. One of the newest acts on the metal sky is REXORIA who released the debut album “Queen Of Light” last year and now they are back with the brand new “Icebreaker”. And it starts off with an absolute killer that for me believe that this could be something really, really special. The opening track “Velvet Heroes” isn’t only the best track on this album, it’s also one of the best songs put on a record in 2019. This could end up in something great with that start but to be honest it don’t.

REXORIA has a great deal of potential and the music isn’t bad. Frida Ohlin has a great voice and the rest of the band play their instruments faultlessly so what’s the problem? For me twelve songs is at least two too many and unfortunately they peak already in the opening track, but what a song that is. Songs like “Fight The Demons”, “The Rise Of The Phoenix” and the title track “Icebreaker” are good but four songs out of twelve isn’t enough for me to get this going fully. The band is taken a step forward though if I compare to the debut album “Queen Of Light” and I definitely think that REXORIA can have a pretty good future.

If they keep up the riffing on the next album and take the songs down to ten it could be really interesting. Nice people should get some attention and Frida is a person who deserves it. Why? Simply because she’s an excellent singer and she is also a very nice person talking to over the phone.

Title: Icebreaker
Lable: Pride & Joy Music
Date of Release: 18/10-19
Rate: 6/10
Stand out track: Velvet Heroes