My first feeling is a sense of worry. The opening á capella line sounds autotuned, and when the rest of the instruments come in it sounds very pop oriented. This is definately not how I wish Ronnie Atkins, who is currently suffering from incurable cancer, will end his career. Of course, I don’t want it to end at all for years and years, I want him to live until he’s a hundred years old, but it’s still hard not to see this album as a requiem. And that, of course, makes me even more worried that I just wont like it.

Fortunally, the opening is sort of a false start, and the album turns out a quite nice melodic rock album. Sure, it’s a soft album and Atkins voice is autotuned, but not in a destructive way. The metal elements of Atkins main band Pretty Maids is toned down, and One Shot sounds more like labelmates Pride of Lions. The songs are all right, so I guess the production is the real downer. It’s slick, edgeless and sterile. But despite that, Atkins voice sticks out, and the overall feeling is warm and sympathetic. I quite like it, but it’s nothing spectacular.

I guess I have to admit that if this turns out to be Atkins last stand, he doesn’t really go out with a bang. Rather with a gentle and harmless wave goodbye. But let’s hope this is no goodbye at all, and that he lives to make more albums before his time is up. Get well soon, Ronnie!

Artist: Ronnie Atkins
Title: One Shot
Label: Frontiers
Date of release: 12/3-21
Time: 44,50

Rating: 6/10
Standout track: Picture Yourself