Sentient Horror – Rites of Gore


Hailing from the garden state of New Jersey, the only thing Sentient Horror will cultivate stinks and rots. The rotting and stinking made possible with the help of the classic sound of HM-2 pedals and the wretched spawn of the ever-present spirit of L-G Petrov and Corspegrinder gurgling out the lyrics.

We are talking classic Stockholm sounding old school Death Metal here. The big difference I have to say is in the production, mixing and mastering of the music. The final touch of this album being handled by Dan Swanö bodes for a good quality end product. It sounds more modern (read listenable and more studio than rehearsal room).

I do like the guitar and tempo driven death metal, and the slight and somewhat incorporated element of rock n´roll as it should be. But this album still has plenty of room for the gritty, smelly & de-composing part of death metal. Titles like “A Faceless Corpse”, “Swamp Burial” and “This Grave is my Home” lends a thought to the more cookie monster chaos inspired end of this genre. The delivery is thankfully not towards that end so much. I do not need a text pamphlet to hear what Matt Moliti belts out.

Another thing I do like about this is the shifts between the faster paced parts and the foot stomping more crude parts in the songs. You are thrown between the total annihilation to in the next second nearly stop and just feel the steamroller heavy riffs backed by an overweight rhythm section. It never goes into a chaos, disorder kind of mode that I can find with some bands in this genre (Cannibal Corpse for example).

The title track of the album personifies the above given description. You get a 5-minute schooling in how to build and deliver a classic death metal song with nice shifts, some groove, and a shitload of attitude behind it. I like it, and I like it a lot in fact.

This is an Americanized take on Stockholm Death. It is cleaner in sound, dirty in composing and respectfully keeping the tradition going in this day and age. One of the better and entertaining death metal albums I have had the pleasure of listening to in a while.

Fun fact is that the band actually hail from Stockholm as well. Only Stockholm, New Jersey. Zip code 07460.



Band: Sentient Horror
Title: Rites Of Gore
Label: Redefining Darkness/SPD
Date of release: 2022-04-22
Rate: 8/10
Stand Out Track: Rites of Gore
Country of Origin: USA

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Sentient Horror – Rites of Gore

April 29, 2022

I do like the guitar and tempo driven death metal, and the slight and somewhat incorporated element of rock n´roll as it should be.

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