Seven Spires – Gods of Debauchery


It was a long time ago I checked out a new melodic death metal band, and even longer since I even heard of a new “beauty and the beast”-band. So Seven Spires seems a little out of time, which is probably why they kind of caught me off guard. I can’t say I had any real expectations on a band like this, but quite instantly, they proved that they really had something. I guess you can call it identity, power and, above all, good songs.

Gods of Debauchery lays down a vast and varied scape of heavy metal sound. It has the gradeur of something like Rhapsody, but has a stronger ground in melodic death metal. Imagine a mixture of Iron Maiden, Cradle of Filth, Avantasia, Dark Tranquility, Within Temptation and Rhapsody if you can, and you might get a grasp of the idea. The sound feels like something out of the 00’s, which doesn’t sound too good but it is. It is in a way a “beauty and the beast”-band, but with the quite awesome distinction that vocalist Adrienne Cowan is both beauty AND beast at the same time! That’s alone is quite cool and impressive.

Another thing that makes the album feel big is that the band is backed by a orchestra (sure, it might as well be a very well produced synthesizer, but if you can’t tell, what difference does it make?) The whole thing is long, grande, bombastic and just great through and through. The sound is a powerhouse.

I’m impressed! This is a really great album, one of the years very best, I must say. And the best part of it is that I had no idea, it just came out of the dark. How lovely!

Artist: Seven Spires
Title: Gods of Debauchery
Label: Frontiers
Date of release: 10/9-21
Time: 77,39

Rating: 8/10
Standout track: Lightbringer

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Seven Spires – Gods of Debauchery

November 1, 2021

vocalist Adrienne Cowan is both beauty AND beast at the same time! That's alone is quite cool and impressive.

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