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First off, how do you review a record with a band with a singer that is so connected to a different band? How much can you compare the two bands before it gets ridiculous? But! Seventh Wonder was before Kamelot! Six years before Tommy Karevik joined Kamelot, the band had released three albums. Keep that in mind when you listen to this record. I try to do that.
Still Seventh Wonder continues their path of technical, progressive metal as they´ve become known for. Here you don´t hear much of female/male vocals. I can only hope it doesn´t take this long (8 years) for the next record because how the music industry stands today, there are only a few bands that can manage a pause like that. And they might not feel the need to make such a long record.

“Tiara” is a good record. I can´t really relate to older Seventh Wonder records in this review as I am almost an novice to the band so I can´t really tell where and if the band has picked up pieces of their past. In this band Tommy uses a slightly different approach to the vocals than in his other band.
“Victorious” shows you that he uses wider spectra of his talented voice. But then the title track could be placed on any Karevik fronted Kamelot album. “The Truth” is also a song that would make Kamelot fans nod in acceptance as we can hear the female vocals as we learned to like in that band.

After the intro “Arrival” the band lashes into “the Everones” a 6 minute plus track with classic neoprog melodies. Already here I can hear the difference in Tommy’s voice to the one he uses in that other band. Being a musician in a band that plays this kind of metal makes you pass on those long intricate solos, because it never bore your ears. Johan Liefvendahl will the day Seventh Wonder disbands continue show the world his great skills if he wants to.

I read somewhere that “Dream Machines” are one of the weaker tracks on the album. If so I must have put a lower score than I should have done. More hard rock than a normal Seventh Wonder track. “Dream Machine” and “Against The Grain” is more of heavy metal-ish than other tracks, but still there are this genretypical solos in the latter track, and even the more epic Dream Theater melodies comes to mind hearing the song. With those two songs done, they are back what they do best, with one of my favorite track off the record “Victorious”.

Then the trilogy of “Tiara´s song” (Farewell Pt1 ), comes next. A more mellow Seventh Wonder appear here, and a story hidden in the lyrics? “Goodnight (Farewell Pt 2), might be one of the records less good songs , try to work his way through the shadow of the first part it doesn´t reach its goal, it even ends with a “campfire choir”!. “Beyond Today” third part of the “Tiara” trilogy starts out with a soft voiced Tommy accompanied only by a piano. As the trilogy dies out the next track “The Truth” continues with the melody of those three tracks. A song suited to be the finale on future live shows? (or played in the PA afterwards but that would be a waste). I would like to know who the female voice belongs to.
“By The Light Of The Funeral Pyres” hits you like bolt of thunder from a clear blue sky, I did not see that song coming this long into the record. This 13 track record takes the listener through a rollercoaster of brilliant modern neoclassic metal, hardrock and some stairwells with the last songs. I must confess that I wasn´t really there on the last two songs. You might not want to listen to this album in one stretch. The final track says it all, “Exhale”…

DATE OF RELEASE: 2018-10-12

Peter Andersson Öhrn

Peter Andersson Öhrn


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