Would you please name three acts coming out of Chile. I for one can not do that. This band must feel that they are born and living in the wrong part of the world in a way, but then if they were to come out of any European country they have been named clones or copycats. In my world they are very influenced by bands like Primal Fear and Symphony X ( James Robledo sounds like Russel now and then) and from here on you all know what kind of metal you will hear.

Powerful heavy metal with catchy melodies is what we are served. I think it will not take long before well known projects catch interest in Mr Robledo. He´s up there with any other singer in those projects.

Talking about projects. Frontiers can maybe sometimes be blamed for being a label filled with projects, so when bands like this releases albums on this label ,it is more than welcome. And with the high quality of it too.

The Path of fear” smells like a leftover Primal Fear track. After that they dive in to the albums ballad. And to do a ballad that catches my ears are hard nowadays, its more of a final decision about how good the singer is than if its “beautiful”. And James comes away with a thumbs up here withForever”.

Then they bounce back on track with “Kill or die” and all is just as it should again. “Who I am” comes out of all of this as a stand out track for me. But the competition with The Hunting” is a close call, since it also is an unexpected refreshing song where the band shows their skills in technique and speed without going all hysterically into the worse part of power metal.

Maybe you´ve heard it a thousand times, but I think it is a refreshing album in the category. Catchy without getting too cheesy. Impressive vocal performance, a bright future I hope is what lies ahead of this band.



Artist: Sinner’s Blood
The Mirror Star
Frontiers Records
Playing Time: 46 minutes
Land of origin:
Stand out track: “
Who I am”