Former Falconer/Destiny singer Kristoffer Gobel is back and with a completely different approach than his former band Falconer at least. This is heavy metal, no more no less. Very catchy melodies with great vocal performance without going completely cheesy (that I think a lot of similar bands turn out to sound like). “Raise The Dead” is a great start of what’s to come. The intro riff to “Tears” is a riff that supposedly Oscar Dronjak would have died to come up with and with that it must have gone under the working title “HF Song”? That makes me realise that we have found a listenable Hammerfall in 2024 and onwards. A substitute that feels fresher than the original. Kristoffer still have a great voice and this band’s music suits his vocals perfectly. “Voices inside” seems like a lost Falconer track in some way and should be a “hit song” if there is anything called that today?

The title track “Beggars Hill” sounds like an in-between song of what’s to come on the latter part of the record.  As a swede you will be surprised by the spoken part in “Analog Man”, which are one of the most memorable tracks of the album. “Riding the tide” sounds like a battle hymn, a bit mellow still a heavy piece of music and not at all bad. But then as a gift from somewhere they attack your ears with a feelgood up-tempo song “The Fire will Burn”. And as late as “A templars tale” that is the last three songs on the record is  what I think the best songs on the album  – in the end all three parts were inseparably good so I leave it like that- as one song- Sorry Kristoffer! The second part is just like “Voices inside” kind of a lost Falconer track, while the song “The Siege” and “voices” got a kind of a siblings feeling to them (close your eyes and you´d be in middle earth – Lord of the rings landscapes while listening). If I were to dissect all three parts “The Homecoming” should get the very final vote. The final part of the album was when all were said and done the best part of this record. Kiske era Helloween, best parts of Hammerfall were picked out to be placed here. As I said- catchy melodies without going Dragonforce/Freedom Call hysterical- thanks for that!


Artist: Six Foot Six
Title: Beggar´s Hill
Label: Scarlet records
Date of release: 23-12-08
Rate: 7/10
Stand out tracks: “A Templars Tale” pt 1-3


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December 22, 2023

“Voices inside” seems like a lost Falconer track in some way and should be a “hit song” if there is anything called that today? 

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