Since the breakthrough of video on digital media there has hardly been an shortage of live documentations when it comes to musical acts. Every band that has been around for at least a couple of years seems to have released at least one live documentation and when it comes to the old dinosaurs there seem to be a never dying demand for new concert recordings and Thrash Metal legend Slayer is no exception.
Including their first live album “Live Undead”, released back in ´84 Slayer have released no less than nine live documentations (not counting singles,bonus disc etc.) and with their new Blu-ray/Vinyl/CD-release “The Relentless Killogy” Slayer celebrates their “10 live releases”-anniversary.

So is there really a need for yet another concert film/live album with Slayer? Well, when it comes to the video I guess, without having seen a second of the film, that it could be fun to get some footage of this Slayer tour as well but when it comes to the mere record I would have to say no, since the good stuff on this record hardly outweighs the more questionable stuff.

Sure, as a Live recording it’s OK. The sound is reasonable good, making it sound as an authentic live recording but yet as clear as you still can enjoy the songs. The audience is clearly, although probably enhanced, present and creates a nice atmosphere, Tom Araya’s vocals, for most of the time, sound remarkable vivid and of course you get a shit load of immortal Slayer classics, so what´s the catch then?

Well, for starters, when it comes to the sound, although as mentioned above it’s OK, the drums leaves a great deal to be desired. I don’t know if it’s the compression of the promo files I’ve been listening to or if the actual record sound like this but both the cymbals and the toms sounds quite bad, with the cymbals and Hi-hat having that terrible strange “hard compression”-noise and the toms sounds “sploshy”, low pitched and often drowned in the mix.
When listening to the album in headphones it sounds OK but, for example when playing it in my car stereo, some of the toms are hardly audible, making Paul Bostaph sound like a really sloppy drummer, something, although not a favourite of mine, he surely not is.

Regarding the song selection all the classics, meaning the songs up until “Seasons in the Abyss”, already are available at the superior 1991 live album “Decade of Aggression” leaving you with the exclusive stuff for this release being a handful of songs from Slayer’s latest release, “Repentles” and although the songs are a bit more fun in their live versions they, except for the speedy “Repentless”, actually are a bit of a bore.

Besides the classic stuff and the “Repentless”-songs you get “Disciple” from “God Hates us All” and “Hate Worldwide” from the “World Painted Blood”-album, two decent post-classic songs but they have both been included on earlier live releases.

All in all, Slayer is one hell of a live act and nor “The Repentless Killogy”, nor anything else will change that fact but if you’re interested in a live documentation with Slayer there is plenty to chose from and this isn’t by far their best…

Artist: Slayer
Title: The Repentless Killogy
Label: Nuclear Blast
Date of release: 8/11-19
Playing time: 1:23:04
Rate: 6/10
Stand out track: Postmortem