When I was young (younger) in the 80’s Kiss was my favorite band and when Kiss released a new album I really wanted it to be good, really really wanted it. I couldn’t accept the fact that my heroes were doing something bad, “Hot In The Shade” was listened to several times and finally the record was as great as I wanted it to be. If I go back to 1989 now, having a more sober eyesight of “Hot In The Shade” it’s not that great even if Paul Stanley did have some fine moments on the record. Where do I want to come with this you may wonder? The same thing has appeared in my life once again, this time it’s not a new Kiss record, it’s another band with a strong image, Slipknot.

2014 Slipknot released “5:The Gray Chapter” and it was the best album released that year. With songs like “The Devil In I” and the brilliant “Nomadic” Slipknot showed the world that you can come pretty far being angry. This fact made me having some expectations on the new album “We Are Not Your Kind” and the whole thing ends up in………I don’t know what to say except that they are far from the 2014 effort, and I’m disappointed.

There are some good songs by sure but when a Slipknot album contains so many fillers it’s not fun anymore. Perhaps I have to wait five years until the next album from Slipknot appears, and it will be ok if it’s better than this, but if it’s not I can wait ten or fifteen years instead. To be a little bit positive though I have to say that “”Critical Darling” is one of the best songs released this year and that’s a little consolation.

Artist: Slipknot
Title: We Are Not Your Kind
Label: Roadrunner Records
Date of release: 9/8-19
Palying time: 63,31
Rate: 5/10
Stand out track: Critical Darling