Sonata Arctica – Talviyö


The last time I heard the band they were full of life and maybe too bit cheesy for me. But listening through their discography I discovered a band far from the worst pitfalls of power metal as I remembered them. And then comes “Talviyö”- Winter night is the English word for it and it really is a dark depressing winter night.
The spirit seems a bit lost. And when I reached the ballad “Last of The Lamb” I thought the band just were about to slowly stop everything and go home.

The one who decided upon the track list needs to be addressed. Suddenly there is a slight speedup. From about song number five it´s swimming just above water trying to breathe. So, a few songs in the middle are actually kind of good. “Who Failed the Most” and the…ehm instrumental “Ismo´s Got Good Reaction” is listenable and almost enjoyable. At least compared to the rest of the record. But after that peak it is all downhill again I’m afraid.

This is a feelgood album. Nothing here will actually be noted after the final track. A lot of “Power Metal Songs Formula 1A” songs. I wonder who is pulling Tony Kakko back from showing his voice more forcefully? A song like “Storm The Armada” could have been a guideline for the record due to the fact that the two guitarists are taking centre stage, almost making it a good song. Second to last song is titled “The Raven Still Flies” – but this raven needs a vitamin injection or a emergency visit to the veterinarian.

Band: Sonata Arctica
Title: Talviyö
Label: Nuclear Blast
Date of release: 19-09-06
Rate: 4/10
Stand Out track: Who Failed The Most

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