Star One – Revel in Time


The Netherland’s toweringly tall teller of tales, the terrific multiinstrumentalist Arjen Anthony Lucassen never does anything by half measures, regardless of the moniker he operates under, be it the immensely ambitious rockoperas of Ayreon, the dark and brooding off-shoot Guilt Machine or the object of today’s examination, the meteoric metal extravaganza Star One. Originally named after a pivotal episode of british sci-fi classic Blake’s 7, Star One shows off Arjen’s metal side and as per usual the list of guest singers and performers is as impressive as it is long. 

While the first record under the name Star One, the appropiately named “Space Metal” (2002) was lyrically focused on various science fiction movies/tv-shows ranging from Star Wars, Star Trek, Dune, Alien, Stargate and Doctor Who, the second one, 2010s relentlessly heavy “Victims of The Modern Age” took its inspiration from dystopian, futuristic films like The Matrix, Firefly/Serenity, Blade Runner, Escape From New York and Children of Men. So for the third entry, “Revel in Time” Arjen has decided to take inspiration from flicks about time travel, for instance The Final Countdown (The Year of ‘41), Primer (Prescient) and Interstellar (Lost Children of The Universe). You will find a tracklist with every song’s corrensponding movie/tv-show further down. 

You can’t really mention Arjen and his projects without also mentioning his incredibly impressive list of guesting singers and performers. And by doing so there comes the necessity to also mention his uncanny ability to coax his collaborators to levels of excellence unmatched in their careers. Take veteran vocal powerhouse, Joe Lynn Turner for instance. At 71 years old JLT delivers one of his very illustrious career’s best performances on aforementioned “The Year of ‘41” and definitely some of the highest notes he has ever sung. When I had the honour and pleasure of interviewing Arjen for this very website about 18 months ago he let slip that one of his “superpowers” is getting the absolute best out of his partners and it is evident on multiple occasions on “Revel in Time”. 

But what about the songs then? Any good? 

Hey, it’s Arjen Goshdarned Lucassen we’re talking about here, of course they’re good! He lines them up, one after the other and just hits them into orbit. Personal favorites include “Prescient”, a progressive metal gem beautifully sung by Micheal Mills (Toehider) and Ross Jennings (Haken, Novena), opener “Fate of Man” where Unleash The Archer’s Brittney Slayes simply, well slays. And here’s the kicker, dear reader: Arjen has recorded every song with different singers so cd number 2 features the same backing tracks but with other vocalists behind the microphone. Two of the coolest alternative versions comes courtesy of my countryman Mike Anderson (Tungsten, ex-Cloudscape) that tackles “Beyond The Edge of it All” brilliantly and former Black Sabbath legend Tony Martin that gives us his take on “Lost Children of The Universe” and does it with flying colours! Again, you can find the complete tracklisting below. 

In my book Arjen Lucassen pretty much can do no wrong and he continues his winning streak with another, utterly amazing album with “Revel in Time”. 

Highly, highly recommended! 

Artist: Star One
Title: Revel in Time
Rating: 8.5/10
Label: Inside Out
Playing time: 66.42
Date of release: 2022-02-18
Standout tracks: Prescient, Beyond The Edge of it All, Lost Children of The Universe 

Arjen Lucassen – Arjen Lucassen official website. Home of Ayreon – Star One – The Gentle Storm – Ambeon – Guilt Machine

CD 1 

  1. Fate of Man – Brittney Slayes (Unleash The Archers)
  2. 28 Days (Till The End of Time) – Russell Allen (Symphony X)
  3. Prescient – Michael Mills (Toehider), Ross Jennings (Haken)
  4. Back From The Past – Jeff Scott Soto (Sons of Apollo, SOTO)
  5. Revel in Time – Brandon Yeagley (Crobot)
  6. The Year of ‘41 – Joe Lynn Turner (ex-Rainbow, Deep Purple
  7. Bridge of Life – Damian Wilson (Arena, ex-Threshold)
  8. Today is Yesterday – Dan Swanö (Nightingale, ex-Edge of Sanity)
  9. A Hand on The Clock – Floor Jansen (Nightwish, ex-After Forever)
  10. Beyond The Edge of it All – John Jaycee Cuijpers (Praying Mantis)
  11. Lost Children of The Universe – Roy Khan (Conception, ex-Kamelot)

CD 2 

  1. Fate of Man – Marcela Bovio (Solo, ex-Stream of Passion, Ayreon) 
  2. 28 Days (Till The End of Time) – John Jaycee Cuijpers (Praying Mantis)
  3. Prescient – Will Shaw (DeadRisen)
  4. Back From The Past – John Jaycee Cuijpers (Praying Mantis)
  5. Revel in Time – John Jaycee Cuijpers (Praying Mantis)
  6. The Year of ‘41 – Alessandro Del Vecchio (Edge of Forever)
  7. Bridge of Life – Wilmer Waarbroek (Ayreon)
  8. Today is Yesterday – Arjen Anthony Lucassen (Who?)
  9. A Hand on The Clock – Marcela Bovio (solo, ex-Stream of Passion), Irene Jansen (Star One, Ayreon)
  10. Beyond The Edge of it All – Mike Anderson (Tungsten, ex-Cloudscape)
  11. Lost Children of The Universe – Tony Martin (solo, ex-Black Sabbath)

Corrensponding Movies/Tv-shows: 

Fate of Man – The Terminator 

28 Days – Donnie Darko 

Prescient – Primer 

Back From The Past – Back to The Future 

Revel in Time – Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure 

The Year of ‘41 – The Final Countdown 

Bridge of Life – Frequency 

Today is Yesterday – Groundhog Day 

A Hand on The Clock – Source Code 

Beyond The Edge of it All – Sapphire and Steel  

Lost Children of The Universe – Interstellar 

Star One – Revel in Time

February 28, 2022

In my book Arjen Lucassen pretty much can do no wrong and he continues his winning streak with another, utterly amazing album with “Revel in Time”.

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