I absolutely love Status Quo! Not just for the music, but also very much because of their attitude. For 50 years, these old geezers has kicked away their solid boogie at a precise speed and perfect rhythm and never swayed from their track. You are rarely surprised, but it’s always so much Status Quo. With that said, it doesn’t always work. A bunch of the bands albums have been quite weak and boring, and few made after the glorious 70’s has reached the heights of that era. But when they do strike the high notes, they always catch you off guard. Like when suddenly in 2007, “In Search of the Fourth Chord” came out, and was packed with more great songs the band had produced for decades! Since then, they haven’t really struck that high note again, but hasn’t went gone the drain either.

But the major question about this album is still not so much about the quality of the songs. It’s about how the band is holding up now, making their careers first album without legendary Rick Parfitt (1948-2016). With so many years in the band and such a major role of the bands sound, you’d might think it would never work without him. And then you tune in “Backbone” and it sounds so much like Status Quo you almost burst out laughing! Sure, we all miss Parfitt, but it’s obvious that Status Quo still can be 100% Status Quo! Just tune in the would-be-classic-if-it-were-made-in-the-70’s-song “Cut Me Some Slack” or the fast track “Get Out of My Head” and enjoy the ride!

Overall, this is very nice and safe. Few songs stick out and make a huge impact, but it works all the way. It’s not boring or greasy, like Status can be at their worst, it’s just straight in the middle. Nice and working, but not great. But that’s kind of what I expected, and I’m quite fond of it. So please, keep on making music, guys. We still enjoy to hear you perform that classic Status Quo boogie!

Band: Status Quo
Title: Backbone
Label: Ear Music
Date of release: 6/9-19
Time: 40,51
Rate: 6/10
Stand out tracks: Cut Me Some Slack