Steel Panther, L.A:s finest glamrockers has returned with new album “Heavy metal rules”.

This is the bands fifth album and after five albums of exploring the “sex, drugs & rock’roll” theme in their own humurous way it clearly shows that they have taken this as far as it can go. After hearing the new album I’m thinking that maybe four albums was enough.
What started out as funny and provocative has now become boring and predictable. Songtitles like “All I wanna do is fuck (myself tonight)” “Fuck everybody” and “Gods of pussy” just doesn’t do it anymore and you can only laugh so much at all the dick, pussy, ass, cum, drug and heavymetal jokes before you tire.
This album might be the band milking every last drop out of the phenomenon that used to be Steel Panther and if that is the case let’s hope that they get it all out this time because if this new album was a sleepingpill another Steel Panther album will surely be cyanide.

Band: Steel Panther
Title: Heavy metal rules
Label: Steel Panther
Date of release: 2019-09-27
Rate: 2/10
Stand out track: I aint buying what you’re selling