Stephen Pearcy – View to a Thrill


If you blast Stephen Pearcys new album View to a Thrill through your loudspeaker, you might forget the 80’s ever ended. Without ever sounding nostalgic, Pearcy captures the sound of his old Ratt-albums with great precision. The songs are short, catchy and rough in the exact right way, and the voice doesn’t give away the fact that we are more that 30 years away from Ratts heydays (although I do think I detect some autotuning). It doesn’t sound exactly like the 80’s albums, but is feels created in the same tradition. This is a really good album for everyone who loves their hard rock best when it’s made in Los Angeles around 1984!

With that said, all that is left to make the album work is for the songs to hold up. And they do. But still, after a couple of spins, few tracks stand out. It kind of sounds the same, and even though it’s good, we’ve heard it done better before. If the album had thrown in some more catchy melodies and – above all – some variation, my points would go higher. But for what it is, it’s good. So if you are a Ratt-fan, do not miss this album! And “You Only Live Twice” and “You’re the Ratt” are great hit songs.

Band: Stephen Pearcy
Title: View to a Thrill
Label:  Frontiers
Date of release: 9/11-18
Time: 35,26
Rate: 6/10
Stand out tracks: You Only Live Twice

Anton Stenlund

Anton Stenlund


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