Radio Friendly to the extent that it might not even take off even if they were to be blasted off from NASA. Band names dropped in the presentation are Puddle Of Mudd and Stone Temple Pilots. So from there you know what to expect. Add some Stone Sour and you´re home.

Having a ballad as the second song is unexpected. If US Rock radio pick this up and maybe the band will make a name for themselves, who knows? Sounds very much like that could be the scenario. Good for them if that´s the case.

Very mellow music. Not much here that gets me going. But I’ll try anyway. This is just something that could have passed as elevator music. Now and again they try but fail.

As they almost knew they had to step up just a little bit they try to be kind of harder, ”Don’t wanna be your friend”, easily the stand out track of the record. But it fades out fast again.

“The World”, compared to the rest of the album starts out with  heavy guitars and the best vocal performance of the whole album. Probably a song about the world going mad but in the end it folds back into this grey mass of music. Challenger to the title of standout track on the album.

The record shapes up a bit in the latter parts, but still. Nothing will make me go back to this I think. They must do one hell of a job if that will happen. Keep the pace from the last part of the album maybe?

But if you like your music Post grunge. This is your afternoon tea for sure. But remember there is already one Stone Sour, one Creed or Nickelback out there..

Band: Stonesilk
Title: On My Own
Label: GMR Music
Date of release: 15/5-21
Rate: 4/10
Stand out track: Don’t wanna be your friend
Country of origin: Sweden
Playing time: 36.33 min