Stormwitch – Bound to the Witch


It can’t be all that easy to be a cult phenomenon. Sure, you get a lot of cred and respect for devoted fans who stay with you through 30-40 years, but in the end, the music industry is built around the fact that you have got to sell albums to be able to make new ones. But the label Massacre doesn’t seem to care that Stormwitch are only known to a certain ground of really invested metalheads, and deliver new albums from bands like Stormwitch anyway. I applaude them for that cultural gesture, especially after hearing the new Stormwitch-album!

Bound to the Witch is an album consisting of classic heavy metal attributes. The song titles says it all, Songs of Steel, Odins Raven, King George, Ancient Times… But unlike many bands of their generation, Stormwitch never give themselves into the power metal-temptation. Instead, they stay true to the original early 80’s metal sound from which they originally emerged. That holds them in a great position, where they unlike fellow cult band Riot stay true to their old roots completely and give us an album sounding like something nobody really seems to capture anymore. The album sounds great, and I love listening to it. (and no grudge against Riot, there new album is great too!)

In the end, this is a really good album that makes me happy to be a metalhead. It’s classic german heavy metal exactly the way you want it, classy and powerful! And once again I give my respect to labels such as Massacre for giving us the opportunity to purchase new albums from cult bands like this. So thank you!

Band: Stormwitch
Title: Bound to the Witch
Label: Massacre Records
Date of release: 29/6-18
Time: 52,11
Rate: 7/10
Stand out track: Stormwitch

Anton Stenlund

Anton Stenlund


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