The Intermission album is Statovarius own “Retro Active”, it was released 2001 and is a collection of “Hard to get”-songs, that means some sort of bonus tracks or B-sides that never appeared on any regular album. They also added some new songs to the album.

It is the same story with this new album and the songs are taken from the period of this new line-up era that started with “Polaris” released in 2009. That means that the bonus tracks from “Elements part 1 and 2” (2003) and “Stratovarius” (2005) are left out which I think is a shame because I think especially the songs “Run Away” and “Ride Like the Wind” deserves more attention.

Anyway I have been waiting for “Intermission II” for quite a while and there are also some really great stuff here that you can here on a regular album for the first time like “Second Sight”, “Giants”, “Old Man and the Sea” and “Kill it With Fire”.
Finally these songs are available for the rest of the metalworld and not just the die hard fans! The rest of the songs are also solid stuff.

When I listen to “Kill it With Fire” I get the feeling that is a tribute to Jens Johanssons ex. bandmate Yngwie Malmsteen, a brilliant neoclassic metalpiece!

And how about the three new tracks?
“Enigma”: It is a melodic metal song in midtempo. I guess it’s a decent song but nothing specially really.

“Burn Me Down”: This one is more innovative and progressive with a better chorus, a good song actually.

“Oblivion”: Here we get a keyboarddriven track with great melodies, a cool song.

They also added four soft orchestral verions songs to the album but they are quite boring, none of the songs is better than the original versions.

Normally these kind of collections is just for the die hard fans but there are really some good songs here.
It is not as good as a regular Stratovarius album of course but I consider it to be good enough!

Band: Stratovarius
Title: Enigma: Intermission II
Label: earMUSIC
Date of release: 28/9 –  2018
Rate: 7/10
Stand out track: Kill it With Fire