Structural Disorder – Kingdom Crossing


It was a sad day for many a proghead when swedish stahlwarts Structural Disorder announced their imminent demise as a unit. But it seems that the band did not want to leave their fanbase without a goodbye gift and what a whopper of present they had in store, indeed. Clocking in at almost 24 minutes, “Kingdom Crossing” is by far the most ambitious song the band has ever recorded and is a magnificent creature to take in in all its multifacetted splendor.

Seeping melancholy from every single note, a laugh fest, this isn´t. But somehow Structural Disorder conveys a certain air of hope even though the musical language of their choice can seem sullen and seemingly negative at a glance. It must be stated however that this is not what anyone can consider as “easy listening”, not even close. The music criss-crosses, bounces and bounds and is a bit hard to get a grip on initially. Layered, intricate and filled to the brim with details, this acts almost as an antidote to the musical culture of the day where the album format has been sacrificed on the altar of autotuned tweenpop with the hits written by commitee´s rather than the artist themselves. And to discover the true beauty of this song you have to really listen intently and repeatedly. The reward is worth the effort though, that I can promise you.

The Swedes leaves us on a high note, wanting so, so much more. And that is a good thing.
Bon voyage, Structural Disorder and thank you for the music!

Rating: 7,5/10
Artist: Structural Disorder
Title: Kingdom Crossing
Genre: Progressive Metal
Lable: Independent release
Duration: 23.49 minutes

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Structural Disorder – Kingdom Crossing

September 3, 2020

The Swedes leaves us on a high note, wanting so, so much more. And that is a good thing.

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