Stygian Fair is a fairly young band from Umeå, Sweden, that plays heavy metal.
That’s classic heavy metal, far from modern soundscapes and loudness wars.
Instead, the quartet lets the music speak for itself.

The first words I find for this third album are warmth and drama.
As a listener, it’s easy to get caught by the heavy, minor-key moods; the riffs are effective, the drums lively and the vocals expressionist rather than siren-like.

In general, the album is characterized by an infectious youthful zeal, and as a prog rock fan, I’m naturally attracted to the fact that most of the songs are created by individual bricks, often taking over in surprising ways.

Prog metal? Well, why not. Or maybe Sweden Rock Festival music is a more reasonable label. Favorite songs? The spooky “Father of Light” is one. So is sad “Eulogy”, which is what it’s called.

But best of all is the painful chorus of “Dark Angel”, that shoots straight for the heart. It might be added that musical spirit seems to run in the family: bassist Anders Hedman is a cousin of Violent Silence-Johan with the same surname.


Title: Equilibrium

Label: https://stygianfair.bandcamp.com/

Date of release: 2021-04-23

Rate: 7/10

Stand out track: Dark Angel

Country of origin: Sweden

Playing tìme: 38 minutes