Supralunar is a trio who are based in the capitol of Sweden, Stockholm. The members of this trio are Petri Tuulik on lead Vocals and guitars, Georgios “Jojje” Vamvatsicos, vocals and bass and Johann Enoksson, vocals and drums. ‘Ghosts’ is Supralunars third release,if you include there ep ‘Unzip the rock’, which we of course do include in their discography. Supralunar secured a new record deal with BMP Records and this is Supralunars first release since 2014, when they released their first fullength album, ‘A new hope’.

This band is hard to describe and put a label on because they are so diversed, but many are those who have tried, On their own website they say that they are a mixture of Foo Fighters and Sweet, or as Sweden Rock Festival presented them as ‘Darkness who meet Beatles’. Well, in my opinion Supralunar stands for a groove and great riffs, mixed with songs with good and a catchy melodies. Mix in a big pinch of 70s glamrock and you almost have the Supralunar recipe.

I like their playfulness and the drummers licks i the background. It makes the songs go towards a more progressive rock sound, that at least I really enjoy. Good songs that are quite interesting with all their influences, but that never lose the melody. A perfect example of this is my favorite song of the album ‘All them angels’. I also like the singer whose voice fits like a glove for this song.

Supralunar have a power ballad on this album. The ballad is called ‘My Epiphany’, and on this very song Supralunar get some help from an American vocalist called Noelle Leblanc. I usually don´t like these kind of power ballads, but this one is actually an exception with a great chorus and some great vocals from Noelle Leblanc, and a good guitar solo that helps this ballad to a decent level.

Sometimes, however, their influences get a bit to obvious. Just to make an example you don´t have to go longer then the first song, were Supralunar borrows half the riff from Ozzy Osbournes ‘Bark at the moon’. They borrow from their inspirational sources to an extent that it almost gets too obvious for enjoying. But besides from that this is a great album!

This is a band that most definitely deserve more attention from a wider audience than they got at the moment and I most certainly hope that we get to hear more from this band in the future.

Artist: Supralunar
Titel: Ghosts
Label: BMP Records
Release date: 2018-11-30
Rate: 8/10
Standout track: All the angels