Tad Morose – Chapter X

Tad Morose – Chapter X


Something that seems to bother a lot of listeners today is long albums or at least albums with too many tracks. Firepower (Judas Priest) which is a very acclaimed album also seems to part the fans just because of its length. You can see the discussion everywhere, “if you remove this song and if you take out that one the album would be better”.
It is almost never the same songs and that is what gives me a bicameral view of it.
The new album from Tad Morose includes 14 songs and so the same discussion begins here in the social media…
I have been a fan of this band since 1995 and I own all their albums on CD. This is a band that has been going through a lot of changes during the years.
They started out as a progressive metal band and in 2000 when they released Undead they turned into a more straight forward heavy metal band. They released three stunning albums in a row with the master Urban Breed as a singer , Undead (2000), Matters of the Dark (2002) and Modus Vivendi (2003) before they split up.
The singer Ronny Hemlin (ex. Steel Attack) joins the band in 2008 and they release two albums (Renatus and St. Demonius) which is without any doubts decent work, but not masterpieces like “the golden triple” i mentioned earlier.
So here we are with the new album Chapter X, their tenth album (surprise surprise)
It starts off with a straightforward song “Apocalypse”, a really boring song with a poor chorus, not a good choice as an opener. The second song (Come Morpheus) is better but it’s not exciting. After two songs I am getting worried that this is just an ordinary album again from Tad morose.
But it gets better, a lot better so don’t give it up after two songs guys! Something happens here, “Deprived to Light” is a more speedier song with a great verse. “I Am Light” maybe the highlight of the album, great guitar-arrangement and melodies and suddenly the band is more innovative since “Modus Vivendi”. Unfortunely there are a few fillers along the way but also great tracks like “Nemesis” (I just love the way the song goes from bridge to chorus, it really hits me!), “Salvage My Soul” (with really cool riffs), “Vaunt the Cynical”, “Turn to Dust” “Where Stars Align”.
The Chapter closes with a ballad(!), correct me if I am wrong but it’s their first since Paradigma EP. This was so unexpected but I love it, beautiful song with great melodies.
Over all I am really positive, this is their best album since 2003 and Ronny Hemlin does a good job, he is a great singer as always even if I wish he could hold back his vocalrange sometimes.
With better opening tracks and maybe one filler less I would have give this album an 8, but there are a lot of great music on this album, afterall there are 14 tracks here!

Band: Tad Morose
Title: Chapter X
Label: GMR Music Group
Date of release: 24/5-2018
Time: 60:35
Rate: 7/10
Stand out track: I Am Night



Jonny Friberg
Authored by: Jonny Friberg