Tarja – In The Raw


First of all: there is no doubt that Tarja has a great voice, and on this, her seventh solo album, she gives us proof after proof of that. And she has also collected some great guest vocalists, which is a nice bonus.

The album kicks of with the song ”Dead Promises”, which was also released as the first single. However, the album version is special, since it also has the amazing Björn ”Speed” Strid behind the microphone, lifting the song an extra notch.
The second track, ”Goodbye Stranger”, features Cristina Scabbia – and together they are a great combination. The song isn’t really a favourite, but the voices truly are.

The strength of this album is a lot of variation, some songs are tougher, heavier and darker, some are softer and brighter. And the production is clean and neat and pretty. But with dirty guitars, that give it all a bit of a well-needed edge.

Song number three has an intro and a middle part that makes me want to start singing ”Let’s Dance”…but the rest of the song doesn’t remind of that, but somehow the mind doesn’t really let go of that thought…

But I can forget pretty much everything that doesn’t speak to me on this album….because of the brilliant duet with Tommy Karevik – ”Silent Masquerade”.

Band: Tarja
Title: In The Raw
Label: earMusic
Date of release: 30/8-19
Rate: 6/10
Stand out tracks: Silent Masquerade, Dead Promises

Jane Cedenberger

Jane Cedenberger


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