Such a strange name. Well, lets swim over the Baltic Sea and dive into the world of Temple Balls. They set it off straight away with “Thunder From The North” an action packed hard rocker that settles the path for the album. Glam metals unyielding little brother kind of music.
If you’re into this kind of music and can sit still to a song like “Long Ways, Long Lines” there is something wrong I think.

This is melodic rock as I like it. Music that if you like metal with classic melodies and catchy choruses makes you happy. Just listen to “T.O.T.C.” and you find out. A song that takes all the best from 80s LA Scene and make it their own

The more I listen to this album it is hard to select a stand out track. And I am Curious of how  future will treat this band. Backed by H.E.A.T. (well, Jona Tee is the producer) they might follow that band´s path to acceptance and I cant wait to see them live.

Don’t let the band name fool you. If you want your hard rock as I described it earlier you have to lend your ears to this. Here and there you think you hear bits and pieces from other bands and songs and that adds to the positive surprise elements of this band. Not many fillers either.

”Heart Of A Warrior” is a stand out track of this album. And “You Better Run” sounds like a refused H.E.A.T. or even Eclipse song. The ballad ”If I only could” is a song that would feel ashamed along the classic power ballads of bigger bands and legends.

And instead of ending with the ballad they hit back and say goodbye with yet another attitude filled track that leaves you eager for the next chapter.

Sorting this one out: All the right ingredients for a classic hard rock album 2021. Catchy melodies, great vocals and a good production.

Band: Temple Balls
Title: Pyromide
Label: Frontiers Records
Date of release: 2021/04 16
Rate: 6/10
Stand out track: Heart of a warrior
Country of origin: Finland
Playing time: 43 minutes