The Baboon Show live in Borlänge


The Baboonshow.

The Baboon Show @ Galaxen, Borlänge.

The Baboon Show must be one of Sweden’s best kept secrets. Originally founded as a punk rock band by vocalist Cecilia Boström, guitarist Håkan Sörle and drummer Niclas Svensson in 2003 they are still fairly unknown outside the punk scene, despite touring frequently in both Sweden and continental Europe, but occasionally in other parts of the world too, such as Cuba! With the brand new release God Bless You All maybe that is about to change.

The sound is rooted in angry punk rock with a hell of a lot of attitude but many songs cross the borders into more of a hardrock sound. At times it feels like The Hellacopters would have sounded with a female vocalist. Other songs remind you of Dropkick Murphys, minus the bagpipes. The Baboon Show is also an outspoken political band.

Currently they are touring in support of the new album – their first since the 2018 release Radio Rebelde. Yesterday I had the pleasure of catching them live at Galaxen in Borlänge. The Baboon Show opens with fury, propelled by Cecilia Boströms aggressive and explosive stage presence. You both love her and fear her. she could rip you to shreds, chew you up and spit out the pieces at the blink of a moment. If you tried to fight her you would lose. And it would be painful.

The Baboon Show - Cecilia Boström

Cecilia Boström

The founding trio is completed by bass player Frida Ståhl and the four of them deliver a hell of a show. The band is super tight, the sound is excellent and the crowd are aboard with them from the first drum beat. Having been around for 20 years the band has a wide repertoire to choose from. Still there are a couple of songs in the middle of the set where they lose pace a bit. Or maybe it isn’t the songs but the kind of longish small talk between a couple of the songs there. On the other hand you can’t blame the band for having to catch the breath for a while after the furious opening 30 minutes.

But that is really the only thing I have to complain about. The show is soon back on its track again and after Cecilia Boström handing the microphone over to Håkan Sörle for a song, allowing herself time for a change of stage clothes in time for the home stretch.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I was blown away by a gig in this way. It must have been before the pandemic. Probably well before it even.

The mini tour of Sweden concludes in Sundsvall tonight and then the band are off to Spain and then Switzerland, Austria The Czech Republic and Germany later in March and April.

If they are coming your way – make sure not to miss them – these baboons are best enjoyed in the wild!

Cecilia Boström - The Baboon Show

Raw power

The Baboon Show live in Borlänge

January 28, 2023

I honestly can't remember the last time I was blown away by a gig in this way.

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