As always, tempo is off the essence. But it is not as neck breaking and all the time as it can be with this bunch.
Unfortunately, this album lacks the ability to grab me. It is well performed and varied in all the niceness that can be with a death metal album.
In all honesty, listening to this album was a drag every time. I have given it a fair share of good chances. But I have to say that I can not wait for the album to end every time I listen to it.
This is safe music on autopilot. Some can get away with it. This album does not, not for me.
It is so generic, I have trouble to identify what song I am listening to. There is nothing that stands out from anything else. Sometimes I even forget that the album is on. It serves as anonymous background noise. I do not think that the musicians aimed for that when writing and recording their ninth studio album.
The one song I take on, but will probably soon forget is The Wereworm´s Feast. It resembles a very angry old Kreator and has some identity in it. Nice guitars and breaks through the song.
If it is music, film or other forms of art, my thing is that I want to be entertained and that the music provokes feelings and references. This does in a way; the feelings are just so empty, and the experience is so boring.


Band: The Black Dahlia Murder
Title: Verminous
Label: Metal Blade
Date of release: 2020-04-17
Rate: 4/10
Stand out track: The Wereworm´s Feast