The Darkness – Easter Is Cancelled


I lost track of The Darkness after their two first and quite briliant albums. After their breakup, Hot Leg, reunion and bad press, it just didn’t feel that interesting anymore. It felt like it had turned into a circus. Also, every album that came out always had a quite disgusting cover or something to put me off even more, so I never bothered to check them out. But since I have decided to give this new album an honest chance, and it kind of catches me off guard and really surprises me!

Already in opening track Rock and Roll Deserves To Die I’m hooked, and throughout some really great tracks like super hit How Can I Lose Your Love, fast rocker Easter is Cancelled and the beautiful Heart Explodes, a really good album enfolds in front of me. It’s a little more melodic than the bands classic stuff, and it really works! It has a warm feeling and great variation, which makes it feel energised and vital all the way home.

In the end, I start to question myself not having given the predecessors more chances. Because Easter Is Cancelled isn’t that far off from the bands best work, and it really makes me wanna listen to it again. The only downside is it being a little too long. Cut away a few tracks and work on it just a tiny bit more and these seven stars quickly turn into eight!

Artist: The Darkness
Title: Easter Is Cancelled
Label: Cooking Vinyl
Date of release: 4/10-19
Time: 53,14

Rating: 7/10
Standout track: How Can I Lose Your Love

Anton Stenlund

Anton Stenlund


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