With their last two albums, Amber Galactic (2017) and Sometimes The World Aint Enough (2018), The Night Flight Orchestra has really grown out of their previous role as Soilworks melodic rock side project. Nowadays, they are just as big, if not bigger, than their primary main band. Facing the world, Aeromantic could easily become a key album in the bands career, the point where the band takes their concept out into the great divide, and move on from being a celebrated rock act to become one of the nations biggest rock bands! The timing is right, so all it takes is for the album itself to really be that album too.

So how is Aeromantic? Just like its predecessors, the combination of the glossyness of the 80’s and the richness of the 70’s creates a magnificent sound, which lays the groundwork for this mixture of classic AOR and Electric Light Orchestra and turns it all into a perfectly sounding album experience in which every song is really good. And of course on top of that, Björn Strids voice is still among the swedish rock scenes absolute best. So am I missing something? Well… much like the previous albums, that last piece of the puzzle are those really, truly great songs. Aeromantic features some great tracks like Divinyls, If Tonight Is Our Only Chance and Transmissions, but if this still were the 70’s or 80’s, I’m not sure this band would be given as much attention as the big ones of those days. They are always close, but never crosses the line to complete greatness entierly. But if you are a fan and think the previous albums are that good, Aeromantic is truly the album for you!

So in the end, I can’t be sure Aeromantic is the album that will take The Night Flight Orchestra to the next level. But it’s a good album, really good, and it won’t let any fans down. I just hope that the band will one day make that truly mastercraft of an album I feel they have inside of them! Until then, I will keep a close eye on them!

Artist: The Night Flight Orchestra
Title: Aeromantic
Label: Nuclear Blast
Date of release: 28/2-20
Time: 59,05

Rating: 7/10
Standout track: If Tonight Is Our Only Chance