It is with great anticipation I kick this album into gear. The Quill has held a fond place with me since I first laid eyes on them in the spring of 2004. Opening for Monster Magnet they struck a nerve and have never stopped strucking.

“Hallucinate” blasts the album of. In my opinion Magnus Ekwall could fill in for Chris Cornell if Soundgarden ever decide to do something again. But I will not be unhappy if he stays put in the Quill either. His strong and clean vocals together with this seventy’s vibe music slash stoner slash blues orientated rock should be more popular and a lot bigger in a fair world. But as it is that is not the case.

The album powers on in the true Quill spirit. To be fair, this is to me a good album, but it does not hold any claim to be a classic album of sorts. It will not go down as anything extraordinary. BUT, it has as said a proper Quill quality to it. And that alone is worth a 7 out of 10 any day of the week. An album that deliver what you expect from it. In songs, composition, sound and diversity within the framework.

What stands out from this album is the title-track “Earthrise”. It has a driving pretty fast in a convertible with your hair (If I had any…) caught in the wind, sunglasses and a big smile on my face. Nice up-tempo with weight. Cool riff and of course lovely vocals to top it all of.

Maybe the grade should be a bit higher, but I have come to expect a bit from this group and even if I try my hardest to review albums as stand alone without taking consideration to a bands history that is impossible sometimes. So, seven it is for this album that I hope will be as enjoyable to you as it has been to me. Nice that the quality is kept at a high level.


Band: The Quill
Title: Earthrise
Label: Metalville Records
Date of release: 2021-03-26
Rate: 7/10
Stand out track:  Earthrise
Country of Origin: Sweden
Playing time: 47 minutes