The Treatment is probably the bastard child after an orgy between Warrant, Krokus and to some extent AC/DC. This is pure happy party rock n´roll, pure and simple, almost. Music to be happy to, music to drink beer to, and music to spray your hair to.

You have the pounding bass backing the straight riffs, a bluesy rhythm and the semi razor fed vocals from Tom Rampton. We are served 12 ass shaking numbers all rooted deep in classic rock music. They have successfully mixed songs that are more blues based with the more smoking hot air guitar inviting songs that you would connect to Krokus or AC/DC. Potato, potaato maybe, but there is a difference.

Rampton I feel has come into the band and lifted the vocals and the attitude of that delivery. It takes the band another level up on their fifth studio album. Previous vocalists have not done a bad job at all fronting the band, but it seems to come together in a different way here. More complete, more commanding and more versatile. The band has a wider range in Rampton. There is a wider spectrum of what he delivers to put it clearly.

The band also sounds like they have had even more fun on this album compared to previous releases. I do not have a clue if that is true at all, but there is something delivered through that just feels relaxed and easy.

The bass and guitars get a lot of space here. I would have liked for the drums to have had a more prominent place in the mix. That might be one of the few complaints here. One other one might be that I would have liked there to be a little bit less of the blues oozing songs and more of the jumping up and down, driving fast hard riffing songs. But for the Treatment to have been able to get such a good mix of old and new is gratifying to listen to.

“Devil in the Detail” showcases this well. So well I must add the reference of Def Leppard here. The song bakes riffs, blues, catchy chorus and melodic guitars to deliver a potent rock cake. “Barman” is a proper “I lost my woman have to drink myself stupid” blues number and “Hold Fire” holds down the fort for the straight up rock my ass of song. My favorite of this album.

All in all, we all like a little bit of Rock N´Roll and that is what the treatment delivers.


Band: The Treatment
Title: Waiting for Good Luck
Label: Frontiers
Date of release: 2021-04-09
Rate: 8/10
Stand out track: Hold Fire
Country of Origin: England
Playing time: 48 minutes