A new The Who album… Isn’t that just wonderful? 54 fucking years since their legendary debut “My Generation”, and with a career as one of rock musics greatest legends with some of the most immortal songs and albums in history behind them, these guys still keep on going and kick ass! And now we have a (sort of) self titled album. So how does it sound? Well, when it comes to the songs, it sure does work. The way to build up their songs are undoubtably The Who, and they still have the right touch throughout the arrangements and songs. The thick wall of Pete Townsends electric and acoustic guitars and tracks like “Ball And Chain”, “Detour” and “Rockin’ In Rage” strongly lays the foundation for the album.

But the production is a real downer. It feels mixed through a modern filter with autotuning and all that crap that makes modern day albums sound so boring. My god, couldn’t they let Daltrey sing his stuff without “making it better” with a computer? And even though the instruments comes through quite clean, they are all mixed on the same levels and leaves no room for dynamics. It’s a big mistake, and it keeps the album from reaching the higher grounds.

Apart from that, the album is really good, and I wish I could hold the whole thing in a higher regard. But the production kind of puts me off, and I’m left a little disappointed. Still, the album sure is still a good rock ‘n’ roll album, so if you’re a fan of The Who you shouldn’t diss it. Give it a shot and rock along with the catchy tunes, but be prepared for a offputting sound.

Artist: The Who
Title: Who
Label: Polydor
Date of release: 6/12-19
Time: 45,53

Rating: 6/10
Standout track: Ball And Chain