All in for some “deathcore”? A genre that is so overcrowded the thin line between listenable and unidentified noise is almost too thin. Deathcore and black metal are two genres I have trouble listening to and Thy Art Is Murder is another band that I have never before heard that much of either. So little I had too google some info about the band. And when listening to this album they are closer to Meshuggah and some technical death metal than any deathcore band.

First track “Human Target” is a full force of nature of a song from the first tone. Very close to Straping Young lad with a death metal singer. As the band is a blank paper for me with no reference. “New Gods” shows the band stepping away from the worst parts of its deathcore. And maybe too bad they have been labeled Deathcore and not technical death metal. Because if anything I think they are closer to that than anything. Impressed by the bands ability to hold this furiousity up with no prisoners taken throught the record. Third track “Death squad anthem” was for me the deciding point that they are labeled. So after three songs I have gone from deathcore to death metal to djent. However this is the best song yet. Another good thing I figured out is that the songs are quite short. 3-4 minutes of total destruction. Should be the rule for every brutal metal act.

“Make America Hate Again” – Should have been the title for the album. Imagine the storm they would bring up. And then they probably got some maybe unwanted attention but they surely would have been noticed. But as a song it has nothing out of the ordinary. Still the feeling of if they would continue this path and evolve, it could be interesting. “Eternal Suffering“. Have they reached the peak of the album and the slope downhill is now steep? What I thought was a “mellow” song turns quickly into the now thick smog of TAIM. This is where they play out all their Meshuggah fantasies. Tact changes more often than when Dream Theater goes hardcore progressive. And the track is so fast it’s almost goes totally out of control. A friendly reminder to the band: Fans should be able to headbang and or sing along to a song. Here it is almost impossible.
After that steamroller of a song I welcome a song named “Welcome Oblivion” that has got melodies and almost the chance to sing along to .And time to catch our breaths.

“Atonement” tell us that the break is over, and the band are at it again as they never did “Welcome To Oblivion” . It does feel like they don´t know on which leg to stand on. A very bumpy ride of a record this far.
In “Voyeurs into Death” you actually hear bits and pieces of Cannibal Corpse vibes. Another favorite song. This song should have paved the way for more songs rather than “Eternal Suffering” songs. Still furious but for me I like the band more as they are “slowed down” rather than the blind rage fury songs.

“Eye For an Eye” is the second to last song and another song to be remembered after this review is sent for publication. Boys drop the deathcore/grind parts and just focus on your own special death metal mix. Then you´ve got something. Finally “Chemical Christ” goes on and somewhere I see an end to this chaotic ride. So sorry guys but I don´t know what to think. This is a full force attack of a song and I am not sure which leg to stand on when deciding the points for the album.
Still I might want to hear your next step.

BAND: Thy Art Is Murder
ALBUM: Human Target
LABEL: Nuclear Blast
Rate: 5/10
STAND OUT TRACK: Death Squad Anthem