Tool – Fear Inoculum


Thirteen years is a long time…or not even the half of 10,000 Days…but nevertheless, a lot has happened since that last album came from Tool. Back then George W Bush was the president of the U.S. Everything evolves with time, doesn’t it? In one direction or the other. Let’s leave it to that.

With Fear Inoculum we certainly meet a more mature version of the band. Even if the sound, as well as the songs, are as typical Toolish as they can be, they have grown older. This album is more sublime and thoughtful than the ones prior. And even though the mantra-like compositions often grow to a crescendo, they don’t burst out like they used to.

This makes Fear Inoculum an even less accessible album than 10,000 Days. Don’t get me wrong, the album is good, but also a bit boring. Many tracks are quite similar in tempo, key and arrangement. The variations actually come from tracks being just soundscapes. All together the album becomes a unit, maybe portraying a fear of inoculum.

I imagine that with this album Tool are preaching to their own choir, which nowadays is a rather large one. For me, being in the outskirts of that society, it doesn’t bring me much. I just don’t get caught up in their magic. Maybe I also evolve with time.

Band: Tool
Title: Fear Inoculum
Label: Tool Dissectional LLC
Date of release: 30/8-19
Rate: 7/10
Stand out tracks: Descending

Marcus Hanser

Marcus Hanser


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