Tora Tora – Bastards of Beale


Memphis, Tennessee USA 1985, Tora Tora is formed. The band rehearsed in a garage and soon they won a local variant of Battle of the bands and in 1987 they recorded their first album, an EP called “To rock To roll”. 2 songs got a lot of airtime at the local radio station, the songs were “Phantom rider” and “Love’s a bitch”. They sign a contract with A&M records and give out ”Suprise! Attack “1989. The record peaks at number 47 on the Billboards Top 200. They also had a song,” Dancing with a gypsy “, in the movie Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. A little nostalgia Tora Tora was the first band from Tennessee who had a music video on MTV. “Suprise!” Attack “was their best record according to me. I listened a lot to it and liked their style. The sequel “Wild America” ​​did not sell as well and only reached number 134 on the Billboard list. The third record was to be released but was obstructed by the record company and the band split up. In 2008, the band reunited and made some gigs and released 3 records with only unpublished material from the other albums.

2017 the band was contacted by Frontiers records, it resulted in a new album with newly written music for the first time since 1992. In 2019 they release “Bastards of Beale”. The album contains 11 songs and I do not know how to convey my thoughts best in words about this record . I once saw a review on a concert where the journalist only wrote the letter z, like the whole concert was so bad you could sleep through it. This album is not good. It feels that it’s been written with no feeling, cheap and boring. Unfortunately.


Band: Tora Tora
Title: Bastards of Beale
Label: Frontiers music
Date of release:22/2-19
Time: 51,12
Rate: 2/10
Stand out tracks: Sons of Zebedee

Jens Wärme

Jens Wärme


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