Treat – Tunguska


Third album by this band since it´s reunion. My first feeling was that those three albums are heavier than the records they did before they broke up around 1992(by then they had Mats Levén on vocals) . I have always liked the band, and I like what I hear 2018 too.

The album starts out with “Progenitors”, and a King Diamond-ish intro before going into what we now know how the band sounds today: Heavier and stronger melodies. “Always Have,Always Will”which is not a cover of the ace of base song, continuing the path of Treat of today. “Best Of Enemies” is a track that could be suited for Eurovision Song Contest, close your eyes while listening and you might just hear Jakob Samuel performing this one as part of that circus. Future setlist song, maybe even a future single.

One of the first songs we all could hear from the album was “Rose of jericho” , now they stepped out from Eurovision land and back to form again. Bit of a fateful vibe on the vocals here, once again, updated Treat sound, not as catchy as “Best of enemies”. “Heartmath City”…somehow I thought that it could have some reality behind it so I looked it up and it was “science –based technology and programs to take charge of your life”…..A great track. “Creeps” almost serve us Speed metal Treat, fast song but nothing that will raise eyebrows.

“Build The Love” is a midtempo ballad that could have been on an “ballad compilation” album by the band if they ever do one. Back to the 80´s but not as close as “Best of enemies”. “Man overboard” is a track I think will suite perfectly on future tours to get the crowd going. “Riptide” is a classic Treat track, catchy but not cheesy, here is a third future setlister if they dare to put more new/after reunion songs on the future tours.
“Tomorrow Never Comes”. Warning, if you humming to the keyboard on this one you might get into humming “Listen To Your Heart” by Roxette! I actually did. Second classic Treat ballad on the album. The last two songs on the record are “All bets are off” , as the title suggest it´s a heavy and speedy(for being Treat) song with great melodies. Finale of the record “Undefeated” could also come up as a favourite fan song, happy and catchy.

RATE: 6/10

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