Progressive rock acts from the middle east. Well, lets start by counting rock acts from the far east…

A new and interesting band from the nowadays very varied label Frontiers (going from being a label full of projects to sign so to say real bands among others).

Progressive bands? Are they nothing without 10 minute plus songs. “Inside the Gage” shows the band let loose on all those technical skills that is supposed to be in a progrock album.”Madness Unforeseen” is a bit different, much more straight on (if a song in this genre can be straight on?).

Thank you guys for not trying to be Dream Theater clones, I believe its hard to find new paths and I am not too conversant in this genre yet to namedrop bands, but this is skilful without getting boring, refreshing melodies mixed with formula 1A prog techniques is what we get here and I like it.

Ignite” starts out as a fast track and turns into this modern prog rock that I have come to enjoy so much. Its a tough race at the top of ”album of the year” and its only just March- where will this end? Listen to the chaotic instrumental part of ”A Place I Go To Hide”, it’s high quality all over. Yes I am totally into this band now. Will follow them closely and hopefully see them on a stage somewhere as soon as the world becomes somewhat normal again…

After a few songs that takes you on a mentally challenging ride it’s nice to land in the safe haven of ”Faceless Man”.

After this session I am down and out. Overwhelmed by the pure greatness of this album and I hope this band will have a bright future.
All you ”modern progmetal” fans out there. Go get it NOW!

Band: Turbulence
Title: Frontal
Label: Frontiers Records
Date of release: 12/3-21
Rate 8/10
Stand Out track: A Place I Go To Hide
Country of orign: Lebanon
Playing Time: 65 minutes