Týr review – Sabaton Open Air


Sometimes it’s difficult to be a writer for an online-magazine. I love hard rock and heavy metal and it hurts my heart when I’m going to a show and it turns out to be a total failure. Four years ago when I saw Týr at the Sabaton Open Air I thought it was something new and vital with the riff-based Heavy Metal along with great choruses from the members. With that in mind my expectations were extremely high this time. And the whole experience just went down the drain faster than you can say “Hold The Heathen Hammer High”. Sabaton Open Air are known for their efforts to find bands from countries that you don’t associate with Heavy Metal and Faroe Islands is definitely one of them.

Týr tried their best this evening in Falun, Sweden but early in I noticed that it was pretty boring and that’s not a very good sign. They started up with “Blood Of Heroes” which is a good song, unfortunately not this time. They have to long pauses between the songs and sometimes they are looking uninvolved in what they’re doing. The response from the audience which are approximately the same as four years ago are good though. I might have been in a bad mood but it doesn’t change the fact that I find this concert boring and insipid. Better luck next time guys.

Who: Týr
Where: Sabaton Open Air, Falun
When: 17/8-18
Stand out track: Hold The Heathen Hammer High
Rate: 2/10

Johan Hagberg

Johan Hagberg

Editor & writer

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