Udo Dirkschneider – My Way


You always know what you’re gonna get with Udo Dirkschneider. Wether it’s a classic metal album, an orchestra album or, like this time, a cover album, you can easily predict what it is going to sound like. This is both a good thing and a bad thing, because it keeps him both reliable and predictable. It has even reached the point when I sometimes don’t bother to listen to his new albums because of that very feeling that I know exactly what album I’m gonna get, despite me knowing I probably would like it.

So now we have his first cover album, My Way.  Are there any surprises on this time? Well… Yes and no. It contains seventeen (!) cover track, stretching from 60’s rock, passing through classic hard rock of the 70’s, and throws in a couple of surprises. Most of the tracks set their foot in the 70’s and can probably be summed up as the main influences on the legendary heavy metal artist Dirkschneider would emerge to become in the 80’s.

So which ones work and which ones doesn’t? Well, there are many highs and lows. When he is too close to his own sound, like in TNT (AC/DC) or Man on the Silver Mountain (Rainbow), it’s often quite pointless. Still, it can also fit like a glove too, like with No Class (Motörhead). When he takes couple of steps further away from classic metal but still sticks to 70’s rock, it glows a bit more, like in the fantastic Faith Healer (The Sensational Alex Harvey Band), the surprising The Stroke (Billy Squire) and wonderful Sympathy (Uriah Heep). The 60’s songs feel a little out of touch with Udos raw vocals; Fire (Arthus Brown) doesn’t sound too great, They Call it Nutbush (Ike & Tina Turner) cannot capture the energy of soul with its stiff keyboard horns, and Paint it Black (The Rolling Stones) may be really good arranged, but it’s such a boring and predictable choice. And then we of course have the lead single We Will Rock You (Queen), which is a really surprisingly well tailored version of one of the simplest songs ever written.

So yeah, highs and lows, some tunes are great and some not too great. Overall, most of the tracks are on the right path, and I really quite like listening to the album. It’s a good party album, it’s a bit of fun, but it’s in no way essential. For Udo fans mostly, I’d say. And yeah, the million dollar question is of course how well he pulls of the legendary title track. Let’s put it this way, he’s no Sinatra, but it’s… intresting!

Artist: Udo Dirkschneider
Label: Atomic Fire
Date of release: 22/4-22
Time: 64,44
Rate: 6/10
Stand Out Track: Faith Healer


Udo Dirkschneider – My Way

May 29, 2022

It's a good party album, it's a bit of fun, but it's in no way essential.

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