I must admit that when I first laid eyes on Vampires 2014 debut album, with that glowing eye Death emerging from a pile of leafs, in combination with the somewhat cheesy name, I thought I was in for some tongue in cheek-project in the vein of early Whitchery. The music although spoke for itself and it was clear that Vampire meant business and now they are back with their third full length “REX”, same cheesy band name but a way more sinister cover, which goes hand in hand with the furious thrashing death that makes up the music!

“REX” starts with something that unusual as an intro that doesn’t annoy me, but actually works like a nice build up for the discharge that comes when Vampire furiously takes off with the brilliant piece of violence that is the title track of the album!

Next up is the more Heavy Metal-oriented “Inspiritus” and so the album continues on, with a mix of fast, fierce death thrash like “Wiru-Akka” and “Malek-Taus” and (a bit) more laid back numbers as the mentioned “Inspiritus” and the “Vampire goes Kreator-89”-sounding riff-fest “Pandemoni”.

Luckily, the fast paced songs stands for the majority of the albums playing time, since they, although nothing sounds bad, without doubt are what Vampire does best.

“REX” rightfully does sound real chaotic, not only because the production is a nice nod back to the extreme metal of the eighties and Hand of Doom’s phenomenal aggressive vocal style, that fits the music like a glove, but mostly due to the fact that there is something going on in each and every riff! No song and no riff are allowed to stagnate and the mix of sheer brutality and the “a bit off”-melodies are very well balanced, leaving you with music that never gets boring and actually groves with every spin of the album.

If you are into bands like Nifelheim, Merciless and Possessed and haven’t yet heard Vampire you should definitely give them a chance, and although all albums are good, “REX” is absolutely not a bad album to start off with!


Artist: Vampire
Title: REX
Label: Century Media records
Date of release: 19/06-20
Playing time: 39:46
Rate: 8/10
Stand out track: Rex