When a new Volbeat album comes out you are quite sure that the fans are gonna praise and the haters are gonna hate. And since there for some reason are a lot of people in both of these categories but not too many in between, I can only give you what I think. And being someone who appriciate Volbeat without absolutely embracing them, I kind of feel I can listen to this album and be ready for anything. Although with their last album “Seal the Deal & Let’s Boogie” (2016) in mind, I very much lean towards the feeling that I will be satisfied!

And sure enough, “Rewind, Replay, Rebound” is a really good album. Unlike many other bands of their generation, Volbeat has continued to develop their sound a lot since their breakthrough, and this album provides good songs and a great sound combined really quite beautifully. There might not be as many hit tracks on this one as the bands best album “Rock the Rebel/Metal the Devil” (2007), but it has its own unique sound and touch.

Overall, this feels like one of the bands more melodic releases. I like that side of the band, and the best songs on this album are the more emotional and melodic songs. Opening track “Last Day Under the Sun” is a great tune that sets the tone perfectly. A great summer feeling, with a large portion of 90’s nostalgia! On top of that we get an emotional moment such as “When We Were Kids”, which marks another nostalgic highlight. When it comes to the rock ‘n’ roll songs, they work absolutely fine, but doesn’t stand out as much. “Pelvis On Fire”, for instance, feels way too much a rewrite of “Sad Mans Tongue”. You’ve already written that song boys, come on!

I’m still not a great fan of Michael Poulsens voice, but apart from that I don’t have that much to criticize about this album. “Rewind, Replay, Rebound” is another really good album for the road that will continue to make their fans shout and their haters hate. And, of course, keep me in between. But as long as they make albums as good as this one, I of course end up way closer to the fan category!

Band: Volbeat
Title: Rewind, Replay, Rebound
Label: Universal Music
Date of release: 2/8-19
Time: 56,56
Rate: 7/10
Stand out tracks: Last Days Under the Sun