I am sorry to say, but this was not an easy album to get through. Man, damn and crap this is some boring stuff. How many times has the phrase Forgive me father for I have sinned been used?

We might as well get right into the brutalities. I will start by saying that I have nothing against Whitesnake´s 1987 album. In fact, I love it. One of my favorite albums of the eighties. The reason for me saying this is that I do think it has to be Voodoo Circles favorite as well.

There are so many clear and not charming references to the album here. But instead of it being sort of sweet and tribute like here and there it quickly gets annoying. For example: the riff at the start of Straight for the heart (Come on…) is so like the riff from Bad Boys it is not even funny. Then you have the bridge that is like they have gone and asked: Hey! Can we just nick your bridge from Still Of the Night for a bit?

Lead singer David Readman sounds like Coverdale at times, if you imagine how Coverdale would try to sing slightly constipated. There is a good voice there, but in my mind not used to the best quality.
The album really feels sleepy, uninspired and without heart. Neither straight for nor on the side off.
The person that does the best work on this album has to be Jacob Hansen. Mix and master is good. How he managed to listen to this repeatedly deserves praise.

I actually find it hard to even pick out one song as the best song of this album. I will settle for Trouble in the Moonlight. The riff is ok, and it is the only song I feel that there is some fire and dedication in.
1987 has been and gone, I will continue to listen to that album, and enjoy it. This album was not enjoyable.

Band: Voodoo Circle
Title: Locked & Loaded
Label: AFM
Date of release: 2021-01-15
Rate: 3/10
Stand out track: Trouble in the Moonlight
Country of Origin: Germany
Playing time: 52 minutes