A much anticipated album coming our way. W.E.T. is here again.
Those who read this and know me personally know that I just love both Eclipse and Jeff Scott Soto. So trying to review this as a critic and not a fan is walking on a thin line.
Modern Melodic Metal / hard rock at its best.

If Eclipse is too pop oriented for you I have the antidote here. Of course you hear a lot of that band in this project but this is more focus on the heaviest parts of that band with a different singer.
This is a sit back and enjoy record.

“Got To Be About Love” makes you wanna put on your dancing shoes and grab your imaginary microphone and sing along to it.
”Beautiful Game” has a Talisman touch to it. Late 80s/early 90s twin vocals in the chorus. A song for you to play on your “clench your fist” playlist “How far to Babylon” is an uptempo track and another one with catchy lyrics.

“What are you waiting for” turns out to be the albums lighter/mobile in the air song. And you get to hear the more sensible side of Jeff’s vocal range.
”You Better Believe it” sounds like a leftover “Paradigm” sessions song in my ears.
And For the second time on the album I find a song for your “Clench Your Fist” playlist with ”One final kiss”.

As soon as this pandemic is over and done W.E.T. needs to do some live shows. Too bad Jeff is quite busy with other projects and this project is maybe in the shadows of both Sons Of Apollo as Eclipse is in Eriks world but there are maybe festivals in a distant future.
I can see why Jeff is so sought after in so many projects. Can he do wrong?

Artist: W.E.T.
Title: Retransmission
Rating: 8/10
Label: Frontiers Records
Date of release: 21-01-22
Place of origin: USA and Sweden
Stand out tracks. ”One final Kiss”, ”Got To Be About Love”