So…. Is anyone up for 8 songs and an intro? I know I am!

After a mood setting intro for about 1 minute and a bit this album does not take any consideration to those who might like to build tempo. No, no, no. 0-387 in a milli second. Does it work? Ohhhh yes!

After previous named intro we are thrown straight into Pestilence that starts ferocious. Drums, riff and we are off on a joyful ride of banging heads, barbwire guitar and gnarly, snarly vocals. Rat King after that continues in the same tempo. Blast beats, cool riffs and shifts in tempo here and there.

For song 3 we take the tempo down and we go into Left to Rot that is very Slayer orientated without being a copy. But has the bouncy rhythm and solos combined with tempo changes that leads me to decide some references. This ends up being my favorite track of the album.

Hail Caesar & Into the Fray continues the complete aggression and speedy thrash that is being delivered. The album finishes of with 3 bangers of songs; Colossal Terror, Witch Burner & Dawn of the Red. After going through the album, you are left with two thoughts: “ What The Hell hit me?” And “Damn! This is good!”.

The quality in songs are high, you get engaged right away with the tempo, riffs and the somewhat evil and almost black metal vocals. It is crystal clear and not pitched or whiny like black metal can be. But dark and just the right amount of evil in it.

This fourth release after “Depicting the Macabre”, “Exoneration Denied” & “Scavengers” is the best so far according to yours truly. It has a little bit more of everything so to speak. This band is getting better and better, and the production work on this album is a lot fatter and fuller. I like it a lot!

Band: Warfect
Title: Spectre Of Devastation
Label: Napalm Records
Date of release: 2020-11-13
Rate: 8/10
Stand out track: Left to Rot
Playing time: 41 minutes