The clock strikes 21:15 and the lights go out in the Idun theater which is the biggest stage on the House of Metal festival and from the shadows At the gates emerges. The drummer counts to four and the band explodes with the openingtrack from their latest album “To drink from the night itself” by the same name. The two guitarplayers and the bassplayer pretty much keep to themselves during the show and stand in their place filling in on the vocals on some of the choruses. Leadsinger Tomas Lindberg really connects with the audience and invites everybody in the whole room to sing, or rather scream, along to choruses and raise their fists to the beat as he walks the stage from left to right waving the micstand like a battleaxe ready to strike.

The guys from Gothenburg has done this a thousand times before in a thousand other cities but during their show at House of Metal they make us feel that they are truly glad to be in this very room this very night and play for this very audience. At the gates are blessed with a really good crisp sound tonight and you can really hear every string, note and sound that comes from the stage and it plays very well with their songs. A great show with great connection between band and audience.

Who: At the gates

Where: House of metal, Idun

When: 2/3 -19

Rating: 7/10

Best songs: To drink from the night itself, Blinded by fear