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A band that has had revolving doors throughout it´s career that makes it quite impossible to keep track of all the eras of the band. However I think we can carve out 4 major parts: 74-86(the so called classic era) 87-96(can we call it the MTV era?) 97-08 and from 2008 up til today(middle age era?) . Since 2008 they actually don´t sound at all like the other eras. Still of course it´s based on the bluesy side of rock. And thankfully Coverdale seems to have abandoned the “Still of the night” screams (on record anyway he still insist to play it live).

“Good To See You Again” is a great opener. Since 2008 David Coverdale has sounded darker in his vocals and maybe more mature. This track is a bit repetitive in the end though. David says it´s a message from the band to the fans all over the world. “Gonna Be Alright” follows, slow and a bit dark, a song where the guitar parts are mixed to be heard but nothing that takes over the song. A song who´s had been floating around since the Coverdale/ Page era.
“Shut up and Kiss Me”, Oh dear up in his 70´s and a song like this was the reaction from a friend when hearing it the first time. Coverdale himself said that it´s a legitimate Whitesnake and all what the band stands for. For the first time on the record Coverdale must have found his old lyricbook from the 80´s.

In “Hey You(You Make Me Rock) I for a second feel that Michael Lippi on the keyboard are very close to copying the intro to “Fool For Your Loving”(maybe just me as a diehard fan?) . The song turns into this modern day Whitesnake song . “Always and forever” is a big rock song in the vein of “Love will set you Free”. Probably a love song written to Mrs Coverdale. “When I Think Of You” is a sibling to “Always and forever”. This is the Power ballad of the album. Can easily be mentioned in the same breath as “Is This Love” and “The Deeper The Love”

“Trouble Is Your Middle Name”, I don´t know but I can clearly hear echoes of Coverdale/Page here. A rough song with a chorus so repetitive it gets stuck in your head after listening to the record. A track that shows the heaviest part of todays Whitesnake. Title track (stolen from Poison?) “Flesh & Blood” is a song which is taken so far back as David’s latest solo record “Into The Light”from 2000. Not a song that will be remembered. “Well I Never”, again a quite noisy song that probably will go down great if played live. “Heart Of Stone”, nothing much going on here. Kind of a cruise control song, or “in-between” if you like. It would land somewhere around “Restless Heart” era.

“Get Up” is another track with a small barely noticeable homage to the early Whitesnake. Here you can if you listen well hear “Slow an easy” kind of guitars, it moves on to a cocky little song that is hard to sit still to. A song you get happy while listening to. “After All” should have been put last on the record. On this track you can still hear that Coverdale got THAT in his voice. Closing the album with a six minute song is challenging. “Sands of time” got the poethic aspects of my romantic pen says David, while everyone who ever heard the band think “does he got any other pen”? Melody wise it´s the only time on the record that the band is walking side by side with Led Zeppelin (is it Kashmir we can hum along to in the melodies?)
All in all a great record, if you can shake the classic years off you and focus on where the band is today. Whitesnake of the 2000´s is far more mature and not focus on getting airplay.

Band: Whitesnake
Title: Flesh And Blood
Label: Frontiers Records
Date of release: 19-05-10
Rate: 7/10
Stand out track: Trouble is Your Middle Name

Peter Andersson Öhrn

Peter Andersson Öhrn


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