Wildness – Resurrection


I’ve liked Wildness first two albums fine, and has hoped they would amount to something really great, so I looked forward to hear their third release. So I gave it a couple of spins, but had a hard time getting my arms around it. I didn’t know really what to write about it. It sounds just as you’d expect; slick AOR with both feet in the 80’s. Still, it never really grabbed me.

Resurrection is a hit oriented collection of the kind of songs that used to close movies back in the 80’s. Yet, there are few songs I absolutely fall in love with. The sound is a little to polished and stale, and it just is a little too predictable. There used to be a more metallic edge to the bands sound that I really enjoyed. This time, it sounds typically Frontiers through and through.

With all that said, this is definately no bad album. Eventually, the album starts to grow on me and songs like rough Release the Beast, powerful Love Resurrection, dramatic Fading Sun and pumped closure Eternity Will Never Fail rises to slight greatness. So after all, I do think the album is alright, I just hoped it would be something more.

It’s a shame to admit, but I think this is the bands weakest effort so far. But if you like your AOR polished and hit oriented, you’ll probably enjoy this. But for me, I do miss the edge the band used to have, and hope it will return in the future to come.

Artist: Wildness
Title: Resurrection
Label: Frontiers
Date of release: 14/10-22
Time: 47,40
Rate: 5/10
Stand Out Track: Release the Beast

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Wildness – Resurrection

November 2, 2022

I do miss the edge the band used to have, and hope it will return in the future to come.

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